Thursday, November 10, 2011

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip Eyeshadow Palette Blue Smokey Eyes

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip Eyeshadow Palette (around 10 bucks) in Blue Smokey Eyes comes in a clear, tough compact, contains a slanted sponge tip applicator and nine narrow strips of shimmery eyeshadow (3 liners, 3 lid shades and 3 highlights that will give you "endless possibilities"). The shadows are quite pigmented, reasonably smooth and long-wearing (when used with a primer)but there is still a bit of fly-out.

While the nines shades are all unique in the pan / swatched closed up, they start to look the same as soon as they are blended out (or looked from several inches away). It would be difficult to create many looks just by the palette itself due to the uniform frosty finish, similar shades and the fact that the darkest strips are so narrow (so it's difficult to pick up the deep shade just by themselves with a shadow brush). It's still something handy if you want many shades to coordinate with other eye colors you own. Overall: Nothing impressive but not a bad deal when on sale (whenever CVS gives 7 extra bucks back with purchase from the brand).

Swatches of the Blue Smokey Eyes palette.
Light Icy Silver (with blue undertone),  bluish light gray, blackened blurple
Neutral Silver, Medium Silver-Charcoal with green undertone, shimmery blackened navy
Medium gold, Steel gray with green tinge, shimmery black with a touch of green


  1. They're very basic colors and while they look to be really well pigmented I find myself kind of...meh about it?

  2. The colors look pretty, but very similar too. Shame really.. at least the color payoff is good.

  3. the pigmentation on these shadows look amazing!


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