Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Essence Cover Stick Concealer

Essence Cover Stick Concealer in Matte Honey was from a clearance basket adventure a few months back (It normally retails for at most 2 dollars so you are not missing out). The lipstick shaped cream concealer, housed in a tough-enough plastic tube, has a texture that's "just right" - creamy enough to glide well without being squishy or fluid. While the (now discontinued) shade Matte Honey is a little darker and yellower than my skin tone, it ended up to be a decent cover-up my bruise-toned acne marks.

Not only it hides the hyper-pigmentation with a single swipe, it's also quite easy to blend out the edges with a finger (some other concealer has a tendency to spread out too well, sacrificing the coverage as soon as it's blended). The lasting power of this is mediocre, only around 3-4 hours before the marks are peeking out but retouching is fairly breezy, not to mention a little powder (which I don't use, as it cakes up) helps setting the cream.

Overall: It works pretty well for uneven skin tone like acne scar or light spots, it's alright for active zits (as it's not too oily) but it might not be fluid enough for under-eyes (You can see it's already caking on my wrist).


  1. I love Essence, everything that I've tried from the brand has been great. I'm always in need of a cheap concealer that does it's job well - so this is next on my list of things to try from the brand!

  2. Looks really nice! I am actually using a similarly looking concealer stick from Revlon and I like using concealer sticks for the ease of application. we don't have this brand down here though, thanks for sharing!

  3. This is my go to concealer! I like that it has a sort of powdery finish which works great with my oily skin. Plus it's so cheap so when I drop it or it breaks off the base I don't feel so bad having to buy another one!

  4. Does it have shimmer? Or is my monitor misleading me? For the price I'm surprised it's actually a good concealer, will try some time, thanks!

  5. Connie:
    The concealer is in cream formula that dries matte (shimmer-less either way). I think my camera is misleading you...it doesn't distinguish shimmer and sheen of a product well unless I tilt my arm.


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