Sunday, October 30, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette Eyeshadow Swatches and Dupes

Since its first release back in summer 2010,Urban Decay Naked Palette, a palette featuring 12 neutral eyeshadow in buttery smooth texture, has been immensely popular among beauty junkie of all ages. I think it is a very versatile palette with quite a few interesting shades but I wasn't in a mood shelling out 50 bucks for a palette (when I only love one shade in it, the deep taupe name Darkhorse). After doing a little bit of digging in my stash, here is what I found...

Ok, I just realized that the second row are not even close...
Stila Spring Ephemeral (lightest shade) a warm off white
Stila Kitten Pinkish Nude Beige
NYC Bronzer in Sunny
L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow duo Electrified

Mary Kay Hot Cocoa
Physicians Formula Smokey Blue Eyes Palette Middle Shade
L'Oreal HIP loose pigment Intrepid
Kiko Moscow Chic Peach - Plummy silver taupe

Wet n Wild Color Icon eyeshadow Nutty
L'Oreal HIP Duo in Forgiving
Physicians Formula Smokey Blue Eyes Palette Blue Black


  1. Wow NYC's Sunny is a spot on dupe for Naked or are my eyes tricking me?

  2. Gorgeous! Thanks for the swatches!

  3. Amazing! There's something about palettes that make you want to rush out and buy it right away but it's true! If you look through your stash you probably will find out that you have almost spot on dupes for it!

  4. 8D TOO BAD I JUST BOUGHT NAKED. ...It's okay (I tell myself) I can't possibly have all the dupes yet because I don't have many eyeshadows.

  5. Lovely swatches~ Ahhh, everytime i see swatches & posts about the UDNP I want it to much >.<

  6. Great dupes!! :D Good to know that if any of my UD Naked shadows run low...there are plenty of options. ^^

  7. Great swatches--do you happen to remember the brand of your "silver" eyeshadow in the dupe section? The actual caption text only contains 11 of the 12 descriptions.

    Thank you!

    1. Oh, I was too lazy to enter the name twice - it's the same as #11, one of the shades from the Physicians Formula shimmer strip palette in blue-black.


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