Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Polish and Elos Plant Stem Cells Skincare Range

Spotted at ULTA,  Nutra Nail Gel Perfect ($11.5) seems to be a liquid nail color that dries within 5 minute, giving you an at-home gel nail experience and extra hard finish, it also comes with pot of remover.
There is also a new skincare range called Elos, featuring some plant stem cell gimmicks. The product prices range from 14 to 25 dollars.


  1. I bought the Eclos face cleanser. I haven't tried it yet. I am waiting to run out of my current cleanser (which should run out in about a week). I hope I like it.

  2. I saw the gel nail polish at Walgreens too, kind of skeptical but the pink is a nice color

  3. Target (at least the ones in Denver) has all those Eclos products on clearance 50%. I've tried the face serum and moisturizer and they're crap. They smell funny and my face feels worse :-p


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