Saturday, October 08, 2011

Jade Pendant - Lotus Seed Pod

While lotus flower is very popular in Chinese visual and literary art (or Asian culture in general), the seed bed of the plant, lotus seed pod, is also commonly depicted in painting and carve work. As the prolific fruit symbolizes fertility (not quite compliance with China's current one-child policy but well) simply looks cute.
This particular piece is carved out of white nephrite jade originated from Tsing Hai (a northwestern part of China) , the jade from there is usually a little see-trough/watery, and almost glass-like. (When it comes to nephrite jade, the more opaque, the whiter and more rice-cake like the better. The standard is opposite to how jadeite is evaluated.)


  1. very pretty and feminine!
    i would love to see this on you. :)

  2. Jamilla:
    You should really take a look at some (online) jade stores, my piece is actually quite low-end (so I am playing with carve work instead of material).

    I guess I will try to make it into a charm bracelet? I actually collect them like marbles. I just keep them in a bag and play with them whenever I feel like it.

  3. Its very gorgeous, but i still prefer the natual darker green shade of Jade :) Cant wait to see an OOTD or something of you wearing this!!

  4. Jen:
    I guess you have to wait a little (at least until the weather cools down) since it doesn't look good with Ts and athletic shorts (what I am wearing now)and I need to practice with the self-timer a bit.


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