Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Innisfree Natural Essential Moisture Mask

What does summer-autumn transition means to you? To me, it means chapped and bloody (I am a peeler) lips, hairballs (I actually shed like a dog all year round) and last year jeans going on extra-skinny/tight (I blame it on summer shorts, which gave me too much spare space to gather fat). Since change of season tends to also bring some skin issues, I reckon it would be the perfect time to finishing the reviews on skincare product that have been piling up in my dashboard.
Innisfree (A Korean company known for their skincare range) Essential Moisture Mask are paper/sheet mask housed in an adorable, slightly textured pouches. Supposedly,  the different packaging means different plant essence (Mugwort, Pine, Pomegranate and Acai berry. Beside Mugwort, which has a fresh herbal scent. The smell of the other three are a bit too artificial/sweet for my liking) targeting different skin problem. I can't read Korean (and I think the percentage of so called plant extract are too trivial to make a noticeable difference anyway) so I will just talk about them as a whole. 

Compared to the Beauty Friends sheet mask, Innisfree Essential Moisture mask contains less essence (the liquid part) and a thinner sheet that fits and stays on face better (but it also breaks apart easily). After the normal waiting time, which is about 20 minutes, most liquid gets absorbed and/or partially evaporates so you might be a little disappointing if you are the person who like the half used up mask to wipe your limbs.

Whenever I use the Innisfree mask, it feels light, refreshing and replenishing (perfect for calming down inflamed skin due to excessive picking) without being too nourishing. I can't say if it actually have any long term effect as I can get that kind of refreshing sensation by putting cold teabags on my face anyway. 

Overall: It feels really good when I use it (and for some strange reason it's almost addictive). Anyway, I personally don't think sheet mask is an essential steps in ones skincare routine (given that you cleanse and moisturize/hydrate well and use sunscreen regularly) so this isn't a must-have.

P.S. I got it from my roommate so I have no clue how much it cost and where it's sold.

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