Saturday, October 15, 2011

Garnier Nutritionist Moisture Rescue Lightweight UV Lotion

Fall is finally around the corner (I guess I have said it a few times but this time I am a few days, I will be able to ditch the athletic shorts for a change...or maybe just add tight/legging underneath, like what I usually do.) so it's time to be a sunscreen-slacker and use SPF lotion instead!
Garnier Moisture Rescue Lightweight UV lotion is one of the three items in their Moisture Rescue Range , which was out last fall. The light lotion offers SPF15, a light (but not runny) texture, soft, slightly soapy cucumber scent and a decent amount of moisture that is quite enough for my normal skin during drier seasons and not really needed for summer.It does what it's supposed to do, giving my skin a lightweight moisture, so I guess this is the end of review? 

Anyway, the SPF 15 in this is a little bit of a joke, back in early July I wore it outdoor for a 30-minute morning walk and when I got home, my face was three shades darker. Keeping it for fall seems to be a good decision...


  1. I never rely on the SPF in skin care products! I slather on the SPF 50+ always - even in winter! I do switch to lighter weight moisturizers like you do during the hot weather or I get clogged pores....

  2. I've been wanting to try this! Right now I use the Cetaphil SPF 15 lotion but this one has been on my To-Try list for a while! I'm glad it is a lighter moisturizer like it says; I can't stand thick products on my face!

    Also, Garnier products always seem to smell so nice and fruity.

  3. thank you, I thought I was just crazy thinking this lotion's spf was worthless


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