Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Colors of Dragonfly - Easy Breezy DIY

To make these earrings, here is all you need: Sterling hooks, natural turquoise chips, carnelian beads (from Micheal's) and black nylon thread (available at Hobby Lobby), which is knotted at the bottom then burned with candle to secure the knot, as nylon melts when exposed to heat. I personally prefer nylon crochet thread over silver wire for bead works since they are more affordable, stronger and more mistake-proof...If you make mistake or just don't like your specific design, you can just cut it off and do it over.
Here is where I get my inspiration from, taken 2-3 days before I made the earrings: A dragonfly with turquoise eyes/tail and an orange belly. (Mental note to self: Need to save up for a telephoto lens, the point-and-shoot is washing out too much colors...)
Unrelated to the post, here is a lip combo I have been enjoying lately: Maybelline Coral Lustre lipstick (I hope you are not sick of me mentioning it) and Sephora Summer Crush lip gloss are perfect together! I have also been using coral blushes a lot lately and I am also lemming for more...Maybe Milani Corallina?


  1. Those earrings are very pretty! you did a great job!

  2. Very nice earrings - and gorgeous teeth!

  3. Gio:
    Thanks! (It was pretty easy too.)

    Thanks (though there is a little dot gloss on one of the teeth...that I didn't notice while taking pictures.)

  4. nice earrings! love the color combination.
    (and i heart your lip swatch pictures!!)

  5. the earrings are lovely, and I love that lip combination!

  6. Your lips are so pretty! You say they look like "sausages," but I wish I had full lips like you...that lip combination looks really good on you, too. :)

  7. That lip combo looks great on you! I wish I could pull off brighter lipcolors, but I think it looks weird with all my less than covered acne and acne scars


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