Friday, October 14, 2011

Anna Sui 15th Anniversary Furniture and Curtain

Don't be too excited, because the Anna Sui 15th Anniversary Furniture (Limited Edition at Isetan) , at 8190 yens,  including a mirrored futon with a pair of heels and a hand bag (attached to the whole piece?) , is doll sized instead. On a happier note, the futon also double up as a jewelry holder so this piece is both collectable and functional.

For me, I do like little doll sized item (as for actual dolls, a whole different story...) since they look intricate and are much easier to photography...Sometimes, to have photographed is to have (at least for me, since I don't take good care of stuff I own anyway).
Here are some human-sized curtain if you feel like dressing up your room a little. The curtains are 21000 yens 9 for the long one, and 15750 yens for the short ones...I think I much prefer spending 200 dollars on jade than curtain. Purple floral fabrics aren't that hard to find anyway...

P.S. Photos are from the November issue of Vivi magazine.


  1. I love the new background! :D

  2. Keyleigh:
    I am glad you like it. Now I think I need to do something with that blog pet (the ultraman-duck)now there are suddenly so many animals in my layout...

  3. (Aww - the background is so cute!)


    I don't think I could ever spring for it, but it's nice to look at~

  4. I agree the new blog background is adorable! Though some of them are cut off and I want to see their cuteness :)

  5. so cute! but not going to buy it.

  6. hey i like the background!!!

  7. That's kind of expensive for a tiny little thing, but very cute!

  8. I love your new background. It's so cute. Very fun and whimsical.


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