Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sinful Colors Wild Instinct and Crackle Nail Polish

Here are some new-ish products spotted at Walgreens:
Sinful Colors Wild Instinct - Another display of items from the permanent range.
Sinful Colors own version of crackle top coats, which retails for 4.99 (their regular nail polishes are 2 dollars a piece). Nowadays so many company releases something just for the heck of it, not because they have something new to offer...Or maybe this cracks differently?


  1. Sooooooooooo much crackle. I'm getting incredibly bored of it, though I guess it's nice that there's drugstore crackle at a lower price point than the $8 Sally Hansen line? It seems like the trend is waning though.

  2. Hmm Sinful should have releadrf the crackle at a lower price. That's why I lika eSinful, economical. $3 more and you can get OPI.

  3. Madeline:
    I think the Nicole by OPI is around 6 bucks and the one from Milani is 4-5. So the sinful colors would totally be a pointless release (unless it cracks into a different pattern, which I doubt).

    I like it more when it's on sale for a

  4. Aish, so many crackle polishes from every known polish company (and unknown ones as well!). And for $ is a bit pricey for Sinful Colors. :3


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