Thursday, September 08, 2011

Revlon Edgy Elegance and Grit Grandeur Nail Polish

Revlon Edgy Elegance Nail Color Collection, featuring several frost and metallic. The purple in the front seems to be a bottle of misplaced Not-So-Bluberry (a polish I wear/swatched so many times in this blog) ... I think it's time to wear the shade again!
And here is a (blurry) picture of Carbonite (from Grit if Grandeur), a supposed dupe for Chanel Graphite.


  1. The green polish looks pretty!

  2. I've been looking everywhere for Revlon Carbonite wah lol I hope I find it one day. Thanks for showing us pictures of the newest polishes.

  3. Why is Revlon doing this to us... I have been to 7 or 8 stores with no luck finding Carbonite.


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