Sunday, September 25, 2011

Paul & Joe Nail Enamel in Splendour is Splendid for Summer

And I just had to wait till early fall to talk about it...
Paul & Joe Nail Enamel has one of (if not the) most beautiful packaging I have seen on a nail polish bottle (The old and original bottle of Anna Sui was pretty nice as well with the similar bust-like figure), completed with chrysanthemum relieves both on  the bottle and the top of lid (colored in a white, with a pearly sheen and shell-shaped cross section).
The shade I picked, Splendour is a lovely and flattering medium candy coral with beautiful soft golden shimmer (that forms a beautiful sheen as shown in the bottle but unfortunately, the dreamy sheen doesn't quite translate well on the nail) from spring 2011 Parasol Collection. While it smells just like other nail polish as it's applied, I can detect a noticeable Paul & Joe powdery (maybe orange blossom?) fragrance once it dries, which might be annoying for some.

The formula of the Paul & Joe polish is creamy (I mean gooey), smooth - (If and only if you get a hang of how to apply it) I tried so many times before getting a swatch-able manicure that 1/4 of the polish is already gone by the time I took the first picture. Overall: A little disappointing (that gold sheen was breath-taking in the bottle) but nevertheless a happy-go-lucky spring/summer shade and I can't get over how pretty the bottle looks!


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