Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Milani Color Streaks for Hair

Milani  Paint from Tip to Tip (does it even make sense?) is a collection of five brush-on mini hair tint (each sold for 8 bucks)  as well as several nail polishes from the permanent display. I think I am a little too old (and too Asian) to do anything this hip to my hair so it's a skip for me. 

Wait...I might get the black one to cover up gray hair (which I am a little to young to have at the moment *touch wood*) , or I will just use black mascara (which are usually cheaper than $8)  instead.


  1. Whoaa. I had no idea Milani had this out! I think the colors are a little -too- bold for me though. :( Still, it's a fun idea.

  2. Amyboo:
    Haha, you are sure young enough!

    I Bleed Pink:
    I think that Milani overestimated the number of drag queens in US...


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