Thursday, September 29, 2011

Luuux Copyright Infringement - An Update

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Before heading back to normal posting schedule, let me give you an update on the whole Luuux and Sandy Tings ordeal I blogged about two weeks ago. Even after having all of the six infringing posts (I found then) removed, I knew that it would be a matter of time before some of the users start "sharing" my pictures again... I just didn't know the content thief leader Sandy would roll back this quickly...On the 23rd, after seeing yet another one of my pictures got taken by her, I finally took the plunge and created an account, just so that I can ask her what exactly was going on in her head...

Here are our e-mail exchanges. I don't think Sandy will mind me revealing that as she has acted quite classy, calm and relaxed through out the conversation. I am the one who was on the verge of going ballistic so please excuse my sarcasm...
Her rationale on stealing and "sincere apology"...

I replied back "That's wonderful! Cheers!", fully relieved that I would never have to deal with her (or see her "lovely" face right next to my pictures) ever again . Three days later...
If you think Sandy Tings is just too dim-witted to credit properly...No, she is pretty manipulative. For the past two weeks or so, she has been uploading each blogger's picture to Makeup Alley before re-posting on Luuux, so that whenever she is called out for, she can blame it on that "unknown Makeup Alley user" (you can't find out who uploaded the picture on the product page) that might as well be herself (not to mention this is another  "rightful" way for her not crediting the blogger). 

So I guess it's time to write up yet another e-mail to Jessica the Luuux manager (At the rate I am contacting her, it seems like we are high school buddies or something),  which is (thanks God) an effective way to have them removed because Luuux is indeed, "Legitimate and legal".

Just to give you an idea how many infringing posts by various users I have found (this week alone). Granted, some of them linked back to my blog (zero of them has asked for/received my permission). To those who have your post deleted upon my request, I am so sorry (I totally don't mean it), but I am just extremely uncomfortable seeing my pictures on Luuux.

P.S. Normal posting will resume shortly and in the meantime, feel free to take a look at the blog of Sandy Tings (just Google her, I don't want to link the site), you might find something (she steals approximately 10 pictures per day) familiar.


  1. Wow that sounds freaking awful and stressful. Some people have no morals. What a stressful thing to deal with. I hope Luux suspends her account or replies back to you.

  2. Ugh! I think Luux should have a much better way of dealing with this. I was not happy when you told me about my photos being stolen as well.

  3. I am going to share your post and ask others to repost. Maybe if they get enough complaints something will be done.

  4. I'm sorry that happened to you, that's really awful! I hope her account gets suspended too.

  5. Never liked Luux, though I have found some DECENT bloggers through it.
    Can't stand people like "Sandy Ting". I don't wish her dead but I hope the Blogger gods ban her from posting anything ever again.

  6. Don't you just get SICK of these people! I hope she's banned for life. Have you contacted the site's legal department - I find that lawyers are the only ones who "get it". Good luck! I've had my on-line identity stolen as well as my content!

  7. Wow wtf, idk what problem these people have for not posting at least back to your original blopost, to go thru all that trouble and posting it on makeupalley and tumblr? Really? That's pathetic. At least Luuux does something about this

  8. Kalmo:
    The Luuux manager has already replied me back on the 23rd when I reported yet another Sandy post,this time, I asked if they can at least send her a warning e-mail. What I got was, "We do state that it is okay to quote other sources and use 3rd party content with permission & respecting copyright rules. Some people just pick and choose what they want to hear haha! We'll have it removed!" (And three days later...)

    Much better way? I don't know...I just think this is exactly how they operate, legally (indirectly encourage plagiarism and have the users take the blame when they get caught).

    I think they will just give Sandy the benefit of the doubt (assuming that she has gotten permission)until every one of the bloggers she stole from go to report her (which is incredibly difficult to track since she has stolen from so many and never really gave credit).Even when Sandy's account get suspended,there will be another person just like her..."sharing" pictures from everywhere "just because a Luuux employee says it's OK to".

    Anyway from what I have seen, even when an account is removed, Luuux will still keep the "unclaimed" posts (to earn ad revenue) from unpopular blogger who never realize their content was taken.It's a win-win situation for them.

  9. Ashley:
    I discovered some wonderful nail bloggers on Sandy's page as well, it's a shame that I never found out who the bloggers are...

    Your case is so much worse(and I am glad that you got it all sorted out)...I did contacted the copyright team and they were relatively fast removing the posts.

    The thing is that, now I am e-mailing them several times a week (and I feel embarrassed doing so)because I kept finding new infringing posts.

    Lol, they have to "do something" (when I report those posts) because it's a "legitimate" site after all.

  10. whao i didnt know such people exist. stealing people's works is wrong but to be coy and so manipulative is just disgusting. i hope she stops soon!

  11. Wow! the nerve! I was shaking my head when I read her answers! Oh my goodness some people..really!!! They can really sleep at night?

    I just had an issue about stealing photos, one skin clinic stole my before and after shot of a "foundation" review and noted it as a before and after shot of their "Undereye treatment" ! When I gave them a call, they put me on hold and even said "we're going to remove it!" --- duh? like you're doing me a favor?

  12. Blovet:
    Unfortunately, not only they exist, this kind of people are allover Luuux.

    Yes, that's exactly how I feel after "bugging them for the Nth time", it feels like they are doing me a favor for removing content that are mine to start with.

    Maybe I should apologize to Luuux saying that "I am so sorry that you can no longer making ad revenue with my content".

  13. Ugh, what a rude thing for someone to do. And how dare she try and be "nice" and "apologize" to you in her emails and then continue to steal from your blog! Like you wouldn't notice that all her pictures are now linked from MakeupAlley. How frustratingly manipulative she is. :(

  14. Kayleigh:
    She did it on purpose, since I told her that while it's wonderful that she has sworn off my blog (obviously a lie) I will still keep an eye on hers (not technically hers anyway since 99% of the pictures are from various blogger without crediting/permission) just to see if she "accidentally get my images off her friend's tumblr"...

    Now she "accidentally scooped it off Makeup Alley".I hate it when people like that trying put up a nice/innocent facade, it disgusts me...


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