Monday, September 26, 2011

L'Oreal Project Runway - Colors Take Flight Collection for Fall 2011

For Fall 2011, L'Oreal released a collaboration collection with Project Runway (which according to many Parson students, is the worse thing ever happened to the school) called Colors Take Flight, featuring four different color themes. Within each mini-range, there are two shades of nail polish, a powder blush, an eyeshadow quad then some eyeliner/mascara/primer (from the permanent display) as space-fillers.

Eva Longoria's Look is called Charming Cockatoo - With muted neutral, navy and warm peach. 
Milla Jovovich's Look - The watchful owl features autumn/harvest shades like warm burgundy, yellow and brown. 
 Frieda Pinto's Look - Audacious Amazon with tropical bright and what looks like a pretty berry-red lipstick
Doutzen Kroes' look Sultry Raven - Black and Charcoal themed with peachy accents.


  1. The new release looks so cute! I doubt NZ will get this until (our) next fall -____-" I like the eyeshadow quad colours but they look so similar to their other range >.<

  2. I've been looking for this collection everywhere, I'm really excited for the fall nail colors.

  3. i'm curious about that "perfect red lip" :) the black and red nail polishes look nice too.

  4. Jen:
    It's only a few months (Enjoy spring/summer weather).

    It's supposed to be in Walgreens by now (but anyway, it seems that there are plenty of dupes for the nail colors).

    The perfect red is actually a burgundy...

  5. i'm there a typo in the title (fight as opposed to flight)?

  6. Jenn:
    There were two typos actually, thanks for pointing it out :)


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