Friday, September 30, 2011

Fright Night False Lashes and Fantasy Maker Glitters

Can you believe that Halloween is only a month away? I am actually not excited about it at all ( too old to trick-or-treat, don't like dressing up,  don't like American candies anyway...) as it already feels like Halloween all year round thanks to many creative Youtube makeup gurus. I am just wondering when will that NYC fall collection hit the store (there is a red gloss that I am eying on).

Anyway, let's take a look at my Walgreens find(since I have been a little uninspired to do other posts lately) for people who actually want some fun...
Fright Night got some pretty interesting false lashes for people who like playful look.

The season brand of Wet n Wild (Fantasy Maker) is, as expected...chock full of glitter...

While I am not that interested in Halloween, I am glad that the weather here is finally cooling down (a bit). Now it's time to have fun with blushers without worrying them melting off/getting washed away!


  1. wow~ your Walgreens are already in the festive spirit ^^ Thats what I love about Autumn & winter.. coldness, layering up and not worrying about your make up sliding off >.< Happy October!!

  2. Love the lashes, they look so cool!

  3. Too cool! too bad we don't have those in Europe!

  4. I'm glad the weather is cooling down a bit too. I want those Wnw polishes for their packaging! The colors don't really do anything for me though lol

  5. I really like the glow in the dark WnW polish, and the black magic one. I bought both at Ulta the other day. Fun and inexpensive!

  6. i have and love the glow in the dark polish :D i want some of the lashes too

    Vonnie of

  7. I would Like to have a good reason to wear fantasy fake lashes, unfortunately that's hard in Singapore. We don't really have many places which celebrates Halloween for the whole family. It will be a sad case of all dressed up but no where to go.


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