Thursday, August 11, 2011

Urban Decay 15-Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

So what is this tri-colored thing you are looking at? Well...It was almost 8 pm when I took the picture so when I took the first column, the sun that was right about to set cast a yellow light. When I took the second one it just set down to horizon (OK, more like a building of medium height) but I thought the weaker lighting show the iridescence well. As for the last column, I couldn't take it and turned on the internal flash (Black out, the matte black got contaminated by ace and becomes shimmery). Swatch fail? Yes...but I don't like this enough to re-swatch so you just have to deal with it.
Urban Decay 15-Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette is (the name is pretty self explanatory) a prettily packaged palette of heavy weight/price tag, consisting 15 pigmented eyeshadow shades released for their brand anniversary. Beside Black out (matte) and Tainted (semi-sheer with iridescence), most shades are shimmery/satiny, which makes this a lot less versatile compared to the Naked Palette.


  1. I think I'm not that impressed with this palette, too many shimmery shades! But it's Urban Decay after all...

  2. I was so not impressed by this palette when I saw it at Ulta. I thought for 15 years they would have dazzled me more.

  3. Rocaille:
    If you think UD has too much shimmer, try Stila...

    I Bleed Pink:
    I think they ran out of idea (or just didn't feel like trying) after the Naked Palette.

  4. Thanks for the swatches! I don't wear eyeshadow in general, eye noob, but I agree that the Naked colors seem more versatile. Hard to wear hot pink everyday.

  5. I thought the packaging of this eyeshadow palette was beautiful, but after seeing it in person and seeing how 1/3 are colorful eyeshadows... I really would not wear most of the colors. Plus I already have the Naked palette, hmm.


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