Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner Pencil Swatches

A new release for fall 2011, Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner Pencil is a range of six creamy (so creamy that they feel like gel liner) eyeliner pencil that dries to a matte (and does-not-budge) touch. The lasting power and pigmentation are both satisfactory (if not impressive) but the shade selection is a little boring...especially if you are familiar with those eyeliner line-ups from Stila, Cargo or Urban Decay...


  1. Thanks for the pretty swatches and the review. I agree the shades are nothing new and a little boring but good for people who don't have a big collection yet.

  2. Ok, when it comes to eyeliner pencils, I am really interested! I don't know why I love to collect colored liners but I only use the basics, black and brown! LOL

  3. Thanks for the swatches. Peacock is very pretty but I agree with you that the shade selection is boring and nothing new.


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