Thursday, August 04, 2011

Themed Lip Combo - Semi Precious

Of course this post has nothing to do with the MAC collection, I just need to find a way/excuse to put all these random pictures up...
 If I were to describe my favorite lip gloss shade, Garnet(pictured along with blue topaz / aquamarine? and smokey quartz) would be it (the food equivalent would be cherry lime agua fresca sold in HEB)as I can never get enough of the rich, juicy colors. NYC lippin' large  (a plumping gloss that smells/tastes like OTC medicine) in Mulberry is a fairly close dupe for the garnet tone and I love to layer it with with reds, pinks and shimmery shade to add dimension and shine.
Here it's on top of Wet n Wild lipstick in Hot Paris Pink (reminds me of a deeper, bolder shimmer-less version of Maybelline fruit punch ). Hurry up and buy (it's at most a dollar) /wear it (this shade will look scary on winter skin)!

Chinese Carnelian Agate Carving from the Qing Dynasty (part of my antique Chinese carved piece collection). Carnelian agate isn't necessarily a precious stone but intricate carving makes it a lot more pleasing to the eyes. To recreate the orange red on the red stone, I simply add an orange-red lip gloss to an orange red lipstick. 
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren with gloss in Firecracker (I kind of miss my skin tone back in spring).
Rose Quartz with Banded Fluorite -  The bracelet is truly the only pink clothing/accessories piece I own (seriously, I don't even have any pink underwear).Fluorite, especially banded one, is a great ornamental stone that's also rather affordable. I just wish that it has a higher hardness so it won't wear down so easily due to friction. Now back to the rose quartz, to wear the soft pink on the lips, I used a pink lipstick for the color and a jelly-like gloss for that see through effect.
Anna Sui Rouge S 371 (cool pink with golden shimmer, I think it's named Jewel Pink)and NYC kiss gloss in Grape Going (soft lilac that doesn't show +_+...)The pink is not nearly as pale as the color of rose quartz but you all know I don't do "pastel nude".
Lavender Jadeite Jade - Yes, jadeite is generally categorized as gem instead of semi-precious stone but the pricing for jade does vary greatly based on various factors: size, age (if it's antique), carve work,texture, color (shade and vibrancy), transparency, market trend (colorless icy jadeite had no market value 20 years ago, but now an icy green jadeite bangle bracelet is more costly than a house) ... Based on the above factors,the Mickey mouse is closer in price to a beaded quartz bracelet than a gem-level cabochon. Anyway, my closest lip gloss match of the pendant is...
Revlon Mineral Lip Glaze in Endless Lilac (taken on a good lip day) - Apparently none of my purple toned lip product looks good layered.


  1. what a great post! Love the lip colours!

  2. I loved all of these photos!! They are gorgeous, especially Revlon Siren lipstick + Firecracker lip gloss combo.

  3. The Siren lipstick is amazing, but I'm not sure it'll look nearly as good on my pink-toned skin...

  4. Jamilla:
    I am glad you like it!

    Haha, I don't like they two item by themselves (lipstick isn't smooth enough the gloss looks a bit just orange in a weird way on my skin) but they work well together.

    For me Siren is just bright enough (without being garish, like how shiseido day lily turned out) and it looks quite flattering even in my spring skintone, which is around NW15-20(granted, it's probably more purple than pink). My only complain about it would be the finish.


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