Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shiseido The Makeup Lip Brush

Do you know who is the worst enemy of a lip gloss addict? Winter(winter doesn't  exist down here!)?  Dry air or cold sore(it healed within 3 days anyway, a much speedier recovery than what I get from a self-inflicted wound...I mean from picking and/or peeling)? Nope, is TSA, with their kinda/sorta newly implemented liquid rules, they bound to drive some air-traveling lip gloss addicts insane. ("You mean, I can only bring 10 lip gloss on my trip? That is just cruel...").

Luckily, there are plenty of potted lip gloss/lip color that does the same thing as a liquid gloss (namely NYC lip slider tinted lip balm) but for that to work, a lip brush is necessary, because like applying lip gloss, I also pick stuff (on me, around me) with my hands all the time (a dead skin from elsewhere on the lip can't be that attractive)...
Shiseido The Makeup Lip Brush (something like #16) has a light-but-not-flimsy plastic handle and a tiny tapered tip (compared to the flat top lip brush from Anna Sui that I normally use) and  is made of sable hair that's smooth and soft to the touch. The brush (which seems a little too small at first) has the right firmness and does a very good job picking up and dispensing glosses and lip color.

Overall: A pretty decent brush for the $15 (the one I like, from Jane Iredale retails for around the same price and works equally well but it probably doesn't look as sleek as this) price tag and is so much better than the retractable lip brush (from the same brand). 

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