Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sally Hansen Tender Mulberry

It has been a long long time since I last tried any neutral nail polish(I usually just don't wear any nail polish when I  am working with computer since the tip wear usually appears within hours with my typing habit)  so here is one for I ever do neutral nail?
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth (I think the line is revamped sometime last year) Tender Mulberry is a muted medium pink creme with a berry lean. On the nail, it appears a little darker (more berry) than the looks in the bottle and it's...a bit granny. It's still a easy-to-wear color and the formula is pretty decent (just takes a while to dry).


  1. Oo looks like a sophisticated color, haha. Loves it! :)

  2. What a beautiful and wearable shade, love it!

  3. ; w ; I love granny colors. It's a shame i'm going polishless for the next few weeks.

  4. This is a pretty muted color, perfect for work and feeling put together. Thanks for the swatch.

  5. A chic, gorgeous colour, perfect for the transition to Autumn!

  6. Somehow it looks really nice, and not granny at all, maybe because of your nice skin color. :O

    Can I ask what camera you use to take your photos? I've been thinking of buying a new camera and I don't know where to start, even. :(

  7. intoxikate:
    Most of the "nice-looking" photos here in my blog are taken with sony dsc-h20 (bigger than most point and shoot because of the 10x optical zoom lens... which of course, it's not used for blogging purposes). It's a great camera (especially for shooting wild animal a distance away or something like graduation) but I wouldn't recommend it as the price has been marked up by quite a bit, from 230 dollars to over 400, by various 3rd party sellers online.

    If you just need a camera for casual uses (taking pictures of friend/family/pets/beauty blogging)I think any point and shoot will do (although I personally am a sony fan) as long as you have ample amount of good /steady lighting and use all of the effective resolution it offers.

    Beside H20, I also used W120 from 2008 to 2009 (then I drowned it) and a390 (a dslr but since I don't have a macro lens, I usually just use for group shots and things that are not beauty-related) since last month. I suggest you shop based on reviews and features since the newer models (when they are sold directly by the company and amazon) offer much more features for a much better price.


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