Friday, August 19, 2011

Rimmel Black Lip Gloss and Lash Serum at Walmart

I think Walmart always get those display earlier compared to other drugstore...too bad they never have those coupon lying around or those amazing 50% off sale that Walgreens always has...
Apparently there is a black shade from Rimmel's new (at least in US) Stay Glossy line!  I also found a coral I would like to try...
Lash Accelerator serum for both lashes and brow with a hybrid brush (a brush alone would already be sufficient enough for me).


  1. The glosses look pretty! Would love to try the black shade.

  2. That Rimmel Serum looks interesting probably cheaper than the Loreal one...shame they haven't released in the UK!

  3. Gio:
    I actully just want to see how it looks on other (don't have that many colors to vampy-fy).

    Really? I always thougt you guys should get it first since it's a UK brand.

  4. Yes, I found that strange too!


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