Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nicole by OPI Texture Coat

Nicole by OPI is another brand that has jumped into the crackle bandwagon but they wouldn't want to admit it...So they named the collection Texture Coat instead. Same difference...


  1. I've resisted the "crackle" trend until now... but I saw this the other day and picked it up in black. I'm not sure about the other crackle polishes, but this one has a rubbery feel to it after it has dried. I'm thinking of putting it over a black or dark gray polish for a snakeskin effect?

  2. Ami, sure you will get that effect but be carefull. If you put a big amount of crackle polish you've got less "crackles" but bigger, if you put less amount, you've got more but thinner. Try it! :)

  3. Ami:
    Or you can try silver (sally hansen has one with an amazing formula), I think I saw that kind of snakes on animal planet or something that that.

    Thanks for sharing your tips!

  4. Kinda off topic, but...
    I love checking in on your blog every once and a while (I don't have a Blogger, so I can't follow) and I've been wondering what has become of the sassy dog gif? I first ran across your blog in the spazzy panda days, and when it changed to the dog, I welcomed it as a pleasant surprise (the dog was easier on the eyes than the convulsing panda though they were both cute).
    Aaaaanyway, I love your sense of humor, your great makeup reviews, and when you mention Blechacz and piano playing. Not gonna lie, I found your blog through Preludia.
    Sorry for the wall of text!

  5. many crackle polishes these days...

  6. Tiffyama:
    Yes, indeed...and I still don't get why would people want that chipped look on their hands.

  7. all that good stuff...

    Don't say sorry! I love love long and unrelated comment (so much better than "That looks great" or "It's pretty, what a shame it doesn't show "...which can get pretty tiring after the 30th time or so) and it's my favorite part for having the blog. I myself don't actually "follow" blogs since I don't like the layout of Google reader or dashboard so I don't expect people reading it to do the same thing.

    As for the missing blog pets, I wanted to keep things fresh so I meant to replace it with another GIF found on a forum, but only to realize that the pole-dancing-platypus is WAY too random /creepy for a beauty blog...Anyway, I already have a creepy profile picture so you are not missing out a lot.

    P.S. I have been preaching about classical music all through my high school years then I decided to drop it due to lack of result (as my best friend still cannot distinguish Funeral March from Turkish March). But one thing I am proud of is that all of my friends (lot a hell can now spell and pronounce Rafal's full name...At least I am getting something done!


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