Friday, August 26, 2011

My Hair Care Routine

I know the post might seem a little random , but I don't feel like doing another swatch or reviewing so bear with least this is not a filler post asking "Do you like cheese?"  ...Here you go, My Hair Care Routine post that hasn't changed since when I wrote it (back in 2009).

Yummy Shampoo
Anything free of Sodium Laureth Sulfate will do (SLS makes my scalp itchy). My favorite would be the Vitamin (it's brand) Shampoo available in drugstore but it's sadly discontinued,they are cheap, smell very yummy and there are several scent so I would never worry about getting sick of the scents.Now I use Organix because they smell pretty nice.

No Silicone
I hate hair care items (namely Dove conditioner) with silicone, it does fill in the gap the first few times and make my hair appear to be soft and shiny, but after a while it really weights down my hair and makes it duller day by day. And since most hair serum have silicone as the main ingredient, I avoid buying them. (Well, if the bottle is really brain death moment will kick in...)

Occasional Conditioner
Anyway, I don't think conditioner repairs anything ( hair is dead to start with) , they just coat the hair surface to reduce breakage from friction so if the shampoo is alright there wouldn't be that much tangling anyway. If there is tangle, I usually break in by force. (Yeah, I do it like a man.)

When I do use conditioner,  I skip the part where it's above my ear (tangle doesn't go that up anyway and conditioner will just make the root extra oily) and like to rinse it away with cold water (too add shine).

Hair Care Oil
Because of the no-conditioner routine, sometime my hair looks pretty dry. So once a while/blue moon when I am not being lazy, I use 2-3 drops of Tsubaki oil rubbed in my palm then distribute at the ends (3 inches of hair) as a moisturizer. As long as I follow the instruction (and don't over use), it's pretty potent and weightless at the time. The best part? The stuff is scent free and I don't have to worry about it getting on my pillow then cause break out like other hair treatments.

Wash hair every other day (unless it's burning hot and I sweat like a donkey)
I used to wash my hair every single day because it gets itchy if I wait any longer. Now I think because I stopped using shampoo with Sodium Laureth Sulfate, I can get away with washing it less often. Anyway, healthy hair is always clean hair plus I don't want to smell bad so this is a good frequency for me at least.

No Heat Styling
I don't even own a blow dryer.

Air Drying
It's quite painless if you shower/shampoo in the morning (usually my hair would dry completely on my quick run to school) . If you shower at night (it's more relaxing and better for your skin), towel dry and comb through it to remove tangle. Put a dry towel on your pillow and sleep on the diagonal of the bed (let your hair fall off the edge of bed) so not only you are not sleeping with dry hair, you also get some volume when you wake up. (If course, if you share you bed with you significant other, this would look weird...)

No Coloring
I think that sometime a different color really brightens up the face(and I really like the sandy hair look from Suzuki Emi)but I also think that nothing is more distasteful that dark roots with bleached hair. Since retouching looks like hassle and I don't want to take care of the roots on a monthly basis, I never wanted to dye my hair. (See how this post mainly revolves around me being lazy?)

Regular trimming
Every 1-2 months, I chop a tad bit of my ends with a barber scissors (I have a blunt cut so it doesn't matter that much). Professional trimming costs too much and I am not really a fan of how American do our hair (and there isn't an Asian hair salon in our town that I know of.)

Hair Comb
I don't use a brush because, just because...I use horn combs because they don't produce any statics and feel nicer than plastic on my scalp. For people with thicker hair, simply avoid comb with narrow gaps and pick something wide-toothed. For what I have tried, Carpenter Tan is the best maker for handcraft wooden/horn combs.

Healthy Diet
Intake enough protein rich food like tofu (I like soy milk so much better than , beans, meat, dairy. Some oil also keeps the hair shiny (I love avocado!)


  1. I don't think of it in terms of being lazy. It's just that other people put a ridiculous amount of effort (and money) into their hair. And as far as cheeses go, Roquefort is my life.

  2. Thanks for sharing your hair care routine. I need to get more trims! Thanks for reminding me. I don't color my hair either but I'm too cheap and lazy for the upkeep since I have black hair lol. Going to look into the brand Carpenter Tan.

  3. You have such a healthy routine! It looks so great. :)

  4. Same as you, I use big hair comb and never uses brush especially on wet / damp hair!

    Lucky you for airdrying, I used to air dry my hair in front of a fan but since I got longer hair, it takes forever so I just use a blowdryer with low heat and just whiz the air around my hair! :) I love your routine, thanks for sharing

  5. Dove shampoo and conditioner seem to make my hair thinner and fall out more often, which freaked me out. I think I will try out the Organix shampoo, I keep seeing people talk about it, and they have all these scents

  6. i've been using dove's moisturizing shampoo and john frieda root awakening shampoo (i alternate) for a while and although they both have SLS, i find that they makes my head less itchy than if i used something else like tresemme.
    i also let my hair air dry and i've been braiding it while wet to get some waves.
    i will look for those organix shampoos next time, i think it might be hard to find in canada..

  7. Sandrine:
    Yup, some guys down here could really do without that much hair gel (While in the other hand, I think Alexander Lubyantsev should really wash his hair more often...or at least right before a recital... )

    I would love to have hair as long as yours...but I usually just have too much fun with my barber scissors .

    lol, this is meant to be a filler post(since my routine can't really be called a routine, I have even stopped using oil since I couldn't find it anymore).

    Humid weather in the Philippines can be a bitch sometimes , at least it's good for the skin.

    If you want a scent that lingers, try there coconuts ones(I tried 5 scents from the brand,most would just disappear).

    I think you might be able to just buy it online (with the Canadian dollar going this strong , it could still be a reasonable deal...especially if you catch a sale/wholesale price ).


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