Monday, August 15, 2011

Missha Sunblock, Primer and BB cream Review

Three years after its initial launch into the beauty world (When Kathi at Lotus Palace held a poll at the end of 2008, asking her readers what are their views on BB cream, my pick was "What the heck is BB cream?") , the Korean beauty do-it-all, skincare-sunscreen-primer-foundation-in-one, gained an amount of followers so large that, cosmetics brands from Japan and the West also started to release similar products, just to get a share of the pie.

My view on BB cream has remained the same through out the year (with indifference), but I am always happy to say yes when my roommate offered a bunch of sample pouches (2-3 on each product) from her sister's trip to Korea. Review time? Heck yes!
All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk SPF 50 PA+++ (Highest UVA protection) - It has a slightly thicker consistency than other liquid sunscreen I have tried and glides with a slick. The formula feels smooth and matte (possibly a little silicone-y) on the face and seems reasonably effective (I call anything that stops me from getting 2 shades darker within 30 minutes effective).

The most noticeable aspect of the sunscreen would be the scent: While it smells like just another Japanese liquid sunscreen I have tried (a bit medical but nothing offensive), the scent also seems to be heat-activated that the longer I have it on, the stronger it smells (the scent lasts for hours)...I feel kind of sorry for people who sit right next to me in the bus: If I can still smell it after 5 hours (when my nose/nerve is supposedly used to it), this stuff must be strong for others!

BB Boomer - Is a primer designed to smooth out the skin and prolong the wear of a BB cream. The slightly iridescent pinkish white cream brightens and evens out the skin tone while leaving a semi matte, dry-to-the-touch and smooth finish. I feel a little wasteful for covering it up (so instead of observing the prolonged wear time, I spend my attention resenting instead) with a BB cream since the product looks pretty good  by itself, especially if you are into the no-makeup look.

Herbal Choboyang BB Cream - has a semi-thick creamy texture that's fairly easy to blend and the coverage and lasting-power are pretty amazing (it covers up my acne marks for hours without caking or oxidizing). There are 2 shades available, the tester I got appears very dark but becomes pasty as soon as it's on my face (I was able to bring  the shade back just with a bit of bronzer). 

As for the product packaging, I find it a little funny that they chose to emphasize that it's a Korean herbal formula by writing "Missha - Korean Formula"  in...Chinese characters.

Signature BB Cream SPF 25 PA++ - My favorite of the bunch, the runny formula feels like a  liquid foundation and appears quite ashy, yellow and dark once it's out but for some magical reason, it blends down to the perfect shade (I don't know, maybe NW25 ish?) , gives decent acne marks coverage and an extremely natural finish that seems my-skin-but-better. However, it doesn't fare so well on dryer patches that it still manages to enhances flaky skins on my nose (from too much squeezing...). 

The Overall performance is very impressive (because I don't think I have ever tried any base makeup product that didn't cake like America's next top chef)  but I probably wouldn't purchase any of them mainly because I just don't like layering that much (sunscreen + concealer + blush is sufficient for my "full face"' need and already borderline "too much" in my book) products on my face , it's too many steps and time spent...


  1. Thanks for the reviews! good to know. probably not quite a perfect fit for my combo skin, but worth a try at some point.

  2. Thanks for reviewing these, I'll be looking into getting a BB cream after I finish up my tinted moisturizer, and I've heard a lot of good things about Missha. xxx

  3. I'm kind of overwhelmed by all the BB creams out on the market these days, so I'll just stick with the really popular / well-known ones. Thanks for the review though ^^

  4. Oh missha didn't work on me , I'm glad it worked very well on you though!!

  5. If it wasn't for this, I would have still been in the "what the heck is BB cream?" category. As it is, I never wear sunscreen (yes, I know my face will someday be made exclusively of wrinkles and tumors, but I justify this with the knowledge that if I don't go without sunscreen on the sunny days, I'll never have enough vitamin D during the other 7/8 of the year.)
    p.s. One of my friends made a coster for my birthday gift, and it features RB with a speech bubble reading: "Happy Birthday Sandrine von Weber Blechaz!"So she still doesn't know how to spell his name and mistakes my interest in him with a desire to marry him. I think I'd be happier as his friend that, if he ever did get married and had children, would be that mildly creepy "aunt" who isn't related.

  6. Kuri:
    I guess you can always use it as a spot cover-up?

    The whole thing is that I don't get how is it any different from Tinted Moisturizer, they marketed it as such a magic product...Anyway, Missha is a decent brand though...I was a little put off by a certain Korean brand (Etude House, ahem) because they would just copy Anna Sui's packaging design blatantly, as if people wouldn't notice...

    Isn't Missha kind of a well-known brand? (I assume that since I have heard it from xteeener for quite a few time and I think she has quite a bit of influence on the online beauty community).

    I am glad you find it helpful, though I don't know if it's any better than other high-end, well formulated foundation.

    Nic Nic:
    Well, it kind of worked (as in no allergic reaction and heavily caked face) but I would still prefer sunscreen + concealer routine more.

  7. Sandrine:
    Ahhh, no sunscreen is that effective (block so much sun that it stops you from synthesizing Vit-D) but anyway...You probably don't need need it since you don't travel from building to building, otherwise you might notice how much of an impact it leaves (especially you are in Texas)...

    I like suncreen probably as more of a psychological need since nothing stops me from getting tanned (and if I actually notice photo-aging, that would be too late...) not to mention it acts as a good base for blushes (I bought so much so I might as well start using as powder slick right off in the heat, on bare skin.

    Anyway, it's actually nice of you friend to detect the Rafal love (I think the speech bubble should say " Happy Birthday, Honey" instead) ...some of mine just assume that I like Justin Bieber because I talked about him a few times last year (couldn't help it...found a Halloween costume of him...).

  8. hi! haha about the missha products using chinese characters, I think I can explain because I'm Korean, and maybe you would know this. Koreans use chinese characters a lot, a lot of their words are derived from chinese, and many people's names are derived from chinese characters (my name included!). I guess they just wanted to give a traditional feel :P

    Love your blog! so helpful!


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