Tuesday, August 09, 2011

MAC Semi-Precious Lipstick and Gloss Swatches

I went to MAC counter a while ago to B2M a few empties (I didn't finish any. It's just that the few half finished tendertone and lip glass are rotting in my drawer and I have some blush compact that I accidentally crushed while it was in my bag) and getting a new lipstick (you can never have enough of them). While the girl went to the stockroom to fetch the lipstick I wanted (VG Cyndi, unfortunately not in stock the only other lipstick I wanted was also sold-out...) , I helped myself (as always) and swatched some lipsticks from the Semi-Precious collection.I also tested out those MSF as well but they look nothing more than a sheer metallic sheen to me.

Now to the lipsticks (note that they are all one swipe swatch): Gem of Roses is a muted medium rose that look my(as many people)-lips-but-better. Musky Amethyst is a sheer brownish purple with deep-colored shimmer and Lush Amber is a warm, pale nude.
Full Speed from Sheen Supreme line is a bright coral pink that looks very similar to YSL Rouge Volupte Rose Paris (and the finish glossier and just as smooth to the touch), Capricious is a semi-sheer berry mauve with rose shimmer. Viva Glam Cyndi is a sheer coral red that seems to look different (and great!) on everyone who has swatched it. 

I had some empty space on the back  of my hand so here are also three lip glasses that caught my eyes at the moment...
Russian Red (probably one of most iconic shades for MAC lipstick?) is a bright cherry red, Cyndi is a salmon pink-red  and Spring Beam is a cute glittery lime green (I would totally get one if there is a Lip Gelee  in this shade).


  1. Gorgeous colours! Thanks for the swatches!

  2. I really like Full Speed actually! It's a bummer they didn't have Cyndi, I love this shade.

  3. I love the look of Full Speed. Thanks for the swatches.

  4. Wah I forgot to try out Russian Red last time I went. I bought Full speed already and I really love it. <3 Thanks for lending us your hand.

  5. The Viva Glam Cyndi lip gloss looks really pretty, more wearable to me than the lipstick

  6. Full Speed caught my attention base on swatch alone but I'm not sure how nice it will be on my lips :) thanks for these

  7. Jamilla:
    Thanks for visisting and leaving comments :)

    Ok, now I am determined to hunt it down, I actually never have any neutral sheer red (most of mine are bright cherry red) lip color.

    Isn't it pretty? It's the brightest one from the existing line though Korean Candy (new release) looks pretty cute as well, it just hasn't hit my store yet.

    Lol, my (back of) hand is always there for you when you need it (along with my left inner arm, whenever I run out of space).

    Cyndi lip glass seems to be brighter and cuter, while the lipstick is slightly more neutral. Now I prefer lipstick (when it comes to buying more expensive brand) since they last longer and actually look different on the lips.

    It should look pretty cute on you, the finish is rather smooth and moisturizing.


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