Monday, August 08, 2011

Covergirl Amazemint Lip Gloss in Red Riot

Covergirl WetSlicks Amazemint Lip Gloss has been around for quite a while (all I remember is that I got my last tube from 3 years ago) and while the line is marketed as a smile-enhancing (or odor eliminating? I don't think a minty gloss will help much if your oral cavity really stinks) gloss, I love the watery-jelly finish and how comfortable it wears. Since I was always hunting for the next best sheer red, why not give Covergirl another go (if all things fail I would still have a good balm)?
Covergirl Red Riot has a raspberry lean (so it's a cool red, though not as much as Paul & Joe), some slight silver micro-glitter (that doesn't really show unless you are looking for it) and a slightly more gel like texture.
Covergirl Red Riot gives a decent amount of color,slightly tingling sensation (that would be a life saver on colder/drier days), fresh scent, a semi-jelly finish, watery shine (that dies down relatively quickly but it last better than Rimmel).

Overall: Comfortable, kinda-sorta (Ok, not really in my book) cheap at 4-5 bucks and gives a bit of color and shine. I like it but I am not sure if you would want to give it a go (it's kind of a boring shade). Just don't expect too much. It's a sheer red gloss, after all.


  1. I have a few Covergirl amazemints. The tingling sensation was really interesting, but yeah, it doesn't do very much for odor because it sort of dies down after awhile.

  2. Amyboo:
    Bourjois now has a duo-sided gloss that has a tooth-whitening part that's applied straight to the teeth (I wonder why do they call that gloss)...

  3. it's probably too sheer for me, but I love the jelly finish.

  4. Wow this is super sheer, good thing I didn't get this color. The other two I have are just as sheer though

  5. Eden-Avalon:
    It's actually the most pigmented cherry red gloss from drugstore, if you like jelly finish and (slightly) better pigmentation, you might like Paul & Joe Maraschino (08), it has a bit of shimmer that makes it look like sparkled jell-o.

    I am guessing one of the reason it doesn't show that well since my lips are already in a puply red color. The pigmentation is not bad, compared to rimmel and maybelline.


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