Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Wish (and Reading) List

A perfectly poised branch of leaves (totally remind me of a ballerina)

The Jill Stuart Mirror looks a bit plasticky and cheap (but I still want it).

Coral lipstick gloss galore - I already have a few jotted down on my to-buy list.

These handmade cases make me wonder why haven't I bought a smaller camera.

What browser do you use, Chrome, Firefox or the good old Internet Explorer?

My girl crush of the week is Yale educated, fury-fist Wendi Deng.

Don't for March 14th to get pie-d, they sure didn't.(Oh hi, Pie Minister!)

Panasonic just released Lumix GF3 (boasting the "super fast autofocus"), the commercial (or maybe just the fat cat) is super adorable! 

Edit: The uploader removed the video. 

I wonder does Panasonic need a new spokeperson (Following a cat around and taking pictures? I would totally do that for free).


  1. Jill Stuart anything is super cute and princess-y, just wish the brand was so $$$. LOL about your 1/8 Chinese comment, yeah... that's def. American to me. XD I really want to watch the cat/camera commercial but I'm in class. Guess I shouldn't be doing anything blog related though lol.

  2. Awww, fat cat! XD So cute.

    Haha, that little illustration. That's so true though...IE has become a "forever alone." lol

  3. haha cos thats how Japanese roll!

  4. Came back to watch the commercial! So cute! The fat isn't that fat. LOL

  5. Kalmo:
    The cat has an exceptionally round face for his(?) body bulid though. (P.S who actually pays attention in class anyway. I usually don't bring my laptop to any lecture all because our profession all know that we are not doing anything class-related).

    It's funny a lot of people still uses it (at least 30% of the visitors of my blog do), IE dies on me far too often...

    Nic Nic:
    I can literally watch Japanese commercial for hours (in fact, that's all I do when I stop at Japan for transfering flight).

  6. Awww, love that cat! Great commercial too, I do the same with chipmunks and deer around here ;)

  7. Rocaille:
    You are lucky to have chipmunks running around, down here all we have is squirrels...On the bright side, none of those little guys here is scared of human so it's not difficult to get some good close up (even there is no zoom lens involved).


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