Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Swatches

Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner is a range of 8 glittery waterproof eyeliner released for summer 2011 (If you are experiencing a Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner deja-vu,I am with you. As both the colors and packaging look rather similar to MUFE liquid liners).

Anyway, I personally prefer the Stila version as it dries smoother and the glitter size is not as big.


  1. What beautiful swatches! I have Curacao and just simply love the bright blue.

  2. I swatched Royal and Electric at Sephora the other day and they were lovely! They looked wet but when I rubbed my finger across the swatches, they didn't budge. I'm not a big fan of liquid liners because I suck at applying them but I might give these a try some day :) Thanks for all the swatches!

  3. Yes! It does look like MUFE liners! I want this! I hope its available locally! :) Thanks for the swatches

  4. Jaqueline:
    Curacao looks perfect with a summer tan and bronze eye makeup.

    Angelic Betrayal:
    Out of all the makeup, the eyeliner is the only thing I have mastered (then again I know how to applie lipstick...straight from the tube. lol) but I have become to lazy on those since most of them dissappear when I open my eyes. Anyway, I do like the pointy-foam cone shape applicator, it looks foolproof.

    I am pretty sure it will land on Phillipine soon (and you will get to test it under the tropical weather) , Stila already relaunched in UK.

    Sequins is rather pretty (while being relatively neutral) as well, the tube I tested just happened to be used up (see how popular it is?).

  5. Ooh~ loving the looks of Starry and Rock Candy. So pretty!

  6. Agreed: I did flash back but I prefer the Stila's smaller sparkles. Curacao and Rock Candy seem like they could be worn beyond summer.


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