Friday, July 15, 2011

Paul & Joe Creamy Facial Foam Cleanser

I have been a devoted fan of Shiseido White Lucent Cleansing foam for quite a while(three years to be specific),in between the past four tubes I have finished up, I have been trying several drugstore cleansers but none of them performs quite as well. Due to the price hike (to 35 dollars) and the fact that I can no-longer find the older version at TJ-Maxx (for 20 bucks), I turned to another Japanese brand Paul & Joe, which also makes foamy cleanser in a white, easy-to-squeeze tube.
Paul and Joe Creamy Facial Foam Cleanser (4.2 fl oz/110ml for 24 dollars)has a very smooth and slightly fluid texture (as opposed to a thicker, creamier one from Shiseido)and soft powdery, orange blossom scent. I need a little more than a pea size for it to lather sufficiently and the foam die down (doesn't remain whip cream-like)to a film of watery bubble within 20 seconds. Other than those, it gets the job done and doesn't irritate.

Overall: It cleanses reasonably well and should last for a few months (which makes it at similar price point as most budget cleansers), and is better than all drugstore foaming cleansers that I have tried.


  1. I really love Paul and Joe Creamy Cleasing Milk. It gets everything off and doesn't strip skin. I use my Clarisonic afterwards.

  2. Ooh, I've always wanted to try Paul&Joe. Glad you were able to find an alternative. ^^


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