Thursday, July 07, 2011

Not so Repelling

As usual, most magazine issues for the month of August is out on the shelf/in the library (Don't you think it's depressing to see those massive "Back to School" coverage when it's just early July?). While I couldn't snap a picture of Emma Watson's cover on Seventeen (LOVE her lip color and eyeliner!) as it was sold out too quickly, I did see someone faces I like in Teen Vogue...
Leandra Medine, the quirky blogger behind The Man Repeller shows her denim choices while looking like a mainstream pretty girl. The number of man repelled during the shoot? Probably zero.
Model Kim Koo, photographed by Raymond Meier, with makeup that I would actually wear myself(I won't go for that plastic pearl earring though).
A little section on the local newspaper listing all the famous people born in July the 7th. I scanned through the list a few time and...I guess Gustav Mahler is a nobody compared to rappers with skimpy clothes...


  1. Kim Joo looks gorgeous in that picture. Not a fan of thea earring either though lol

  2. Kalmo:
    Yeah, kudo to the makeup artist/photographer...I personally hate it when the try to make Asian models look more "Asian" (disney Mulan-like)...


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