Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Clean & Clear Cleanser and Garnier Spot Treatment

Just spotted this Clean & Clear Fruit Infusion purifying cleanser at the grocery store, there are also some dollar-off coupons that are attached to some of their products (They would give you some sweet deals when used in conjunction with store promotion).
Dark spot corrector from Garnier- a daily moisture that fades dark spot, age spot and acne scar.I think I need something like this since I have been having too much fun picking my face lately and things got a little nasty...(Oh wait,I think I will just rub my face with lemon/lime instead.)


  1. Ah, I think I need something like this I have been sticking to those same habits as well. -sigh- Hope to see a review on this one from ya!

  2. i know the feeling - resist!

  3. Tiffyama:
    I am not sure if I will buy it since I have something that works already: Shiseido white lucent facial cleansing foam (it fades the scar over time),retinol-A treatment (the University skincare line from CVS) that gives a mini skin peel and last but not least...lemon juice.

    Nic Nic:
    Haha, it's just too much fun picking scars that aren't fully done...

  4. Whaaaat, fruit infusion? Totally trying that. I've tried the Clean & Clear morning burst line before and it's not bad


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