Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Maybelline Shine Sensational Pop Stick Lip Balm

Just saw these cute (looks like lip balm) last week, Maybelline Shine Sensational Pop Stick in Pink Lollipop, Raspberry Ice, Citrus Slice and Fruit Punch(wonder how they smell, must be yummy...). I want to buy all of them just to take pictures!


  1. Check out Scrangie's blog, she just posted about these! They're basically clear, but the bullet looks so cool...

  2. Thanks for the headup (now I want that taupe creme nail polish from fingerpaint)! I still kind of want all four of them just to take pictures /sniff...Now let's hope there is a Maybelline sale soon...

  3. fruit punch is nice color, I bought one! its cool..i just luf it!

  4. I have the one in Rasberry Ice. I love it. I think im gonna get a backup. it gives your lips just a slight, but noticeable color. I recommend looking at the actual color though the label is completely wrong


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