Monday, June 20, 2011

Skin Medica Environmental Defense Sunscreen

I got a little sample of this from an Apothica online order (I was left slightly irritated but I will leave the bitching essay for another day) and since the little tube lasted me for a week and it's summer again, why not talking about it.
Skin Medica Environmental Defense Sunscreen (SPF 50+) is a creamy (as in not watery) sunscreen with both physical and chemical UV blockers. The physical blocker is of course zinc oxide (although their version, called Z-COTE® MAX™ is supposedly micronized and invisible on skin) and the chemical one is Octinoxate, which only filters UVB. 

Compared to most creamy sunscreen available in US, SkinMedica Environmental Defense feels reasonably smooth, light and non-greasy and it somehow reminds me of the one from Shiseido, in a sense that it's creamy but not oily. For the amout of protection factor, it only manages to leave a minimal amount of white cast on my face. Funnily enough, I actually appreciate the little masking effect as my face is usually a tad darker than my neck (I tan in summer no matter what / how much sunscreen I use).

Overall: A decent formula but for the price (around 40 bucks for 85g), I would rather go for the Ultra Sheer liquid from Neutrogena (40ml for 10-14 bucks and doesn't feel like anything on my face).


  1. I guess this would be nicer if the price was lower! Thanks for the review nonetheless.

  2. I'm thinking about trying the Badger sunscreen next, it's supposed to be very safe and natural.


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