Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rimmel Clean Finish L'Oreal Age Perfect Golden Balm

New product found a Walgreen while I was picking up a new gloss to play with (Today is the last day for the 50% off Rimmel sale!)
Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation (not sure if it's new or not) . Alejandra Ramos Munos looks a bit manly in the poster...Actually, what I really want to say is that she looks like a manlier version of Ikuta Toma in this picture (I think male celebrities in Japan should really take it easy on the brow-grooming, so that they won't be out-maned so easily).
Revlon has some new false eyelashes (the falsies are probably old but now each pack comes with a free pair of tweezer).
The new anti-aging moisturizer (one for bigger areas and one for eyes) is called Age Perfect, targeting marture and thinning skin with their "hydra-nutrition" thing...

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  1. I bought Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation over a month ago and let me tell you, for once I was happy to see a foundation with yellow tones (have yellow/peach under tones). The coverage is perfect for me and my face breathes.


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