Friday, June 03, 2011

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara (Short Review and Spy Cam Pictures)

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara was released last summer, I got it as a part of a promotional twin set (I was aiming for the Colorburst lip gloss) when I had a few coupons lying around so the normally-9-dollar mascara didn't cost a lot for me. Grow Luscious comes with a long, teal tube and a big wand. The formula seems pretty creamy but fluid enough to hug each bristle evenly.
Here comes my friend's review since she wanted to try it herself and I am too lazy to wear any eye makeup (so there is no worry about smudging/cleaning up or removing makeup at night): "It curls better than the big orange one (Covergirl Lash Blast) but it also smudge and flakes easily." End of review.
Revlon just released a new Grow Luscious Plumping mascara with an equally cute packaging. It seems that the new mascara also has a different wand design.
Grow Luscious Lash Liner, so I guess there is a thing going on with all those lash growth serum,mascara and eyeliners out there? It looks like a gimmick to me but the teal pencil on the right looks kind of cool.
Just tinted nail enamels look like they could be those lovely jellies that's so popular this season. Let's hope the formula is different since I hate how normal Revlon polishes look.


  1. What are those behind enamels? lip glosses? short and sweet review. I liked!!

  2. They are marker-like lipstain + balm (on the other side) that has been already released last summer.

  3. Love the review, really short but to the point. :)

  4. Gio:
    Lol,I guess I should let my friend handle the review part from now on...

  5. Revlon Lip stains are on clearance at my Rite Aid, check yours out if you're interested
    I think the lash growth eyeliners are kind of cool, doubt they work but if they're decent liners then it's at least not bad for your lashes

  6. cjx3pooh:
    Thanks for the headup! Too bad there is no Rite Aid in our town :(, on the bright side. I found some of Revlon's super lustrous lip balm in Walgreens on clearance.


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