Friday, June 10, 2011

Nars Orgasm Powder Blush - Big Daddy of all Coral

Look! I have hit pan on the most legendary blush of all time, Nars Orgasm!
Just kidding, this piece of toy belongs to my roommate, who apparently loved it very much (now she finds the shade too red and turns to her Stila convertible color for daily use instead) and after some quality play time with the blush,I am about to jump into the bandwagon as well...
Orgasm is a peachy pink with golden sheen allover, compared to their "new and improved" Super Orgasm (which I misplaced/lost more than a year ago), it appears to be more flush-like, luminous and silkier to the touch. Thanks to the absence of chunky glitters, you get as smooth dent as you use it up, instead of that moon-crater surface (how my Super Orgasm looked after a few times of use). 

Overall: I want this but I have way too many coral blushers. *Sighs*


  1. All I have been wearing this summer for blush are my Nars Orgasm and Nars Oasis blushers. Love em both!

  2. I didn't realize the Jane Blushing Earth Sheer had shimmer, gahhh I should've gotten it before it was completely cleared out of my local drugstores

  3. wow you hit pan, that's amazing! i have barely touched mine ^^;;


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