Thursday, June 02, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Sweet Melon - FromThe Summer 2011 Bright Side Collection

After all the fun I had with those new Maybelline lipsticks, I decided it's time to venture further into the brand. Since I don't feel like getting any eyeshadow (I still haven't master the art of blending) or mascara (Maybelline mascara frightens me), cheek color seems to be my only option.
Maybelline Fit Me Powder Blush in Sweet Melon is one of the two blushers from their Summer 2011 Bright Side makeup collection (that's sold out pretty quickly).While cute shimmery coral might be everywhere (When you look at MAC, Nars and other more expensive brands), it's actually hard to come by from 5-dollar-and-below brands so I didn't hesitate to pick it up. I mean, everyone needs a few coral blushes lying around, right?
Sweet Melon is a Soft Coral with fine silver shimmer that's not all all frosty. From the pan, it somewhat reminds me of a deeper, juicier version of Jane Blushing Earth Sheer (an affordable coral blush I like very much). The blush is firmly pressed enough that each brush dip picks up just enough powder to coat the cheek area (without any cakey patches). The scratchy brush does a great job digging out the products (which is needed since "just enough to coat the cheek" is not enough for it to show up).
The picture was literally taken right after I applied the blush...I can see my spots, pores and facial hair but as for the blush...Where the heck is it?

Overall: No matter how pretty the shade is, it just refuses to build show up. I wish I bought it in CVS instead of my grocery store (so I can return the God damned thing). 


  1. I bought the fit me blush in medium coral. I had the same problem with it not showing up. The second time I pressed the brush against the blush pretty hard and then pressed it on my face & it actually showed up. I wish this blush wasn't so difficult because it really is a nice color.

  2. awww! too bad it didn't show up :( i had high hopes for FIT ME line!

  3. love your blog and actively following for a month now :)

    i was thinking of trying one of these out and i'm glad you reviewed it... saves me money :)

  4. Oh yeah, it doesn't show up. it would not even stick with my cheek as I am dusky...

  5. Tiffany:
    At first I kind of like it how it was impossible to overkill with this blush but then it hit me...I could really get similar effet using the tiniest bit of Benefit Coralista or Jane Blushing Earth Sheer.

    Technically it lives up to its claim because the sheer blush sure matches any skin tones. Anyway,I think their foundation is what's getting all the hype.


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