Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks Express Finish Nail Color for Fall 2011

Wait, fall 2011 collection is out already? At least that's what it looks like over Maybelline...
A new Maybelline display is spotted at ULTA, with six new shades (note, not LE) of Color Sensationl lipsticks all in some sort of beige/nude/brown.I can't tell what the shades all look like as the brown lid pretty much masked off everything.

A slightly closer-up of the four limited edition Express Finish in this display(I have mentioned a douzen times how much I hate the formula...I guess once more doesn't hurt). There is a shimmery peach, taupe brown, burgundy and deep wine (or vampy?).

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  1. Those lipstick shades look a bit boring. I like the new polish shade but I agree with you about their formula, it's horrible!


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