Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Essence Multi Colour Blush, Gel Liner, Eyeliner Eyeshadow Brushes

I was at ULTA looking for the Essence flower-themed collection (with no avail) but look what I have found: New products added to the permanent display!
Multi Colour Blush in How Cute is That! (that was actually my reaction when I first saw it) and Fashionista.The also replaced the white hair synthetic blush brush with a pink one, now called Powder and Blush brush. Of course I had to get it so I can wash my brushes less often.
New Metallic Eye pencils, the smokey eyes set aren't new but it seems that they are getting rid of some older shades.
At 3.49 dollars a piece, Essence has officially beaten Wet n Wild and became the most affordable drugstore gel liner (click here for a review on the purple shade) .There is also an $1.49 slanted eyeliner brush that I almost picked up, before I realized how many of those I have...
Quattro eyeshadow (not new) and a pencil-brush for blending eyeshadow (also $1.49).
Ecotool (the brand that started it all, kind of...) added a new brush in their collection, a smudger brush with what looks like a sharpener at the bottom.
Right by the Ecotool, I found the brushes by Samantha Chapman (Pixiwoo from Youtube), the brushes seems (and felt, since there are some testers) very soft and resilient. 


  1. Yay they finally have the gel liners in stores, I've seen it on the Ulta website. I wonder if it's as good as the Wet n Wild one though...

  2. Essence isn't available in my local drugstores, it's sold exclusively at Ulta. I love the gel liners! I've yet to review mine but they're sooooooooooooo smudgeproof.

  3. cjx3pooh:
    I have yet to try that but the packaging looks so much nicer already!

    In my area it's also available at a (state exclusive) grocery store as well but I think ulta is a better place to get it as I can use the 3.5 dollars off 10 coupon, while it never goes on sale in my grocery store.


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