Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Nail Color

Just spotted these Sally Hansen Crackle Over Coat Nail Color in our grocery store (If I say HEB many of you will just go WTH? By the way, it stands for Here Everything is Bigger Better and in our store it even has its own theme song...Speaking of big ego...Texas-sized.) and I really don't really get the why would people want to have their nails looking deliberately chipped.For people like me, who is mildly OCD (although my life style is the complete opposite of that, Joel Stein called it Don't-Give-a-Damn disorder), I will just pick them until all the pieces are gone...
Anyway(Yes,I like to switch topic abruptly), here is another picture of L'Oreal Summer Siren Collection (that contains more products that the one I posted).I am too fobby to bronze so here is another safe skip for me.


  1. Ha ha...Its kind of funny people are rushing out to get nail polish that looks old and beaten up!!

    Also I've lived in Texas for almost 5 years and had no idea that HEB stood for that...LOL

  2. Yay Sally Hansen caught on, although there's only like a $2 difference, if even, between Sally Hansen and China Glaze / OPI these days. It's just Sally Hansen goes on sale more often

    I guess if it's cool enough for Katie (wait, it started by her collection, right?) it's cool enough for every one else.

    I usually wait for buy to get 2 free event at ULTA to get China Glaze (and I use a 3-dollar off 10 coupon with those) so it's around 2.5 dollars/cheaper than Sally Hansen for me.

  4. Lol, it's the misspelled Katy (Perry), I believe the crackle craze was started with her collection with OPI.


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