Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Revlon Synthetic Flat Eyeliner Brush

This was a member from their old makeup brushes lineup (which got replaced by those red-handled ones earlier this year). I picked it up because it was rather affordable (it was around 2 dollars at clearance) and the brush itself reminds me of the Tarte flat eyeliner brush, which I enjoy using for tight-lining.
Like the one from Tarte, the Revlon Synthetic Eyeliner brush has soft bristle that's also firm enough to grab powder eyeshadow and deposit them into a crisp enough of a line (if you want an extremely thin and clean line,a more poke-y brush is needed, like Stila #13).Overall: It feels well (as in not flimsy) and works well...give it a look if you happen to find it.

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