Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OPI Lemonade Stand by Your Man

OPI Lemonade Stand by Your Man is a shimmery lemon zest.The pigmentation of this is so poor that I still have a visible nail line after 3 layers (it might be made this way but I perfer something more pigmented).


  1. Love this color!
    Your pictures are becoming better and better.. did you change a camera?

  2. Shiya:
    Nice to see you back! I am still using my Sony DSC H20 (since late 2009), I am just slowly getting hang of it and becoming more and more particular about how my pictures turn out (i.e. became more anal than I already am). Hence the better quality.

    Anyway, during my last window shopping trip, I found out that the sony H20 went from 230 bucks (when I got it) to 429 bucks on Amazon. So I guess I *did* get an upgrade somehow?

  3. That's a really nice yellow colour, since most ones I've seen are too neon. Shame that it's not pigmented enough though. Also you have nice length nails, not too short or too long!

  4. B:
    I think I have seen another yellow from Sinful called Let's Meet, the shade seems rather opaque (for a shimmery yellow) and not too harsh.

    Thanks for the nail comment! The best part of the nail is that you can always grow it to the length you want :)


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