Tuesday, May 17, 2011

L'Oreal Jelly Balm Lip Gloss in Ripe

Ripe (an orange red that looks more or less clear on the lips) is the third (or fifth if I count the repurchase of same shade) Jelly Balm I got from the brand, I like the bright and juicy shade selection, cushiony texture and pretty shine it gives.
L'Oreal HIP Jelly Balm in Ripe 
L'Oreal Jelly Balm in Ripe
Ripe by itself (with a tad bit of left over shimmer on my lip brush)
 Ripe Jelly Balm with Maybelline Lipstick Coral Lustre

The whole line of Jelly Balm (along with their Colour Juice lip gloss) seems to be sacked from CVS, Walgreens and my grocery store but it's still available for purchase at L'Oreal USA website with a new title (Studio Secret Jelly Balm, same difference...)and for 9 dollars (You might as well pay a few more dollars and get a gloss from a higher-end brand, which will contain 3x the product compared to L'Oreal). 


  1. These do seem overpriced, but I still like them. I bought mine on clearance. I have seen them in my drugstores still, but wouldn't buy unless they are buy one get one free.

  2. I have one in each color and a backup of Savory and Plush (which I gave to my mom). I love these so much and I am devastated they discontinued selling them in store! They smell like yummy caramel, the texture is cushiony and lasts for a long time, and the sheer pigmentation is just right for me. *sigh*

  3. wow! It looks like jelly on your lips seriously!!! I don't think it's going to look like that on me though!

  4. I got mine on clearance as well, but I feel like since they're moisturizing they don't look jelly-like for long


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