Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crushing on Coral (Lips)

Just another day, another coral lip combo post.
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Coral Crush (yes it smells funny but the color is just too pretty to skip) with NYC lip slider Sugar Angel to warm it up.
Shiseido Maquillage Moisture Rouge with NYC lippin large Mulberry (didn't like the cough syrup scent at first but the gloss grew on me...I guess I just can't say no to sheer red glosses?)
Maybelline Coral Lustre (I think I should just leave/wear this alone) Liplicious Passion Fruit Guava. Speaking of Maybelline, I just saw a gorgeous vibrant purple-magenta gloss from their display. I hope there will be another sale soon!
Covergirl Coral Shine lipstick with L'Oreal Jelly Balm in Ripe - The covergirl lipstick (discontinued last year) is my most used lipstick since I got it, I just love the unusual combo of coral with silver shimmer (most brands will match coral with gold).


  1. I was just trying to pair up different coral lip ideas yesterday, so this post comes at perfect timing! These are so pretty.

  2. Coral lips are definitely growing on me this season! :) && your lips always look so perfectly plump!

  3. I'm not too crazy about coral, but I do own Coral Crush and I'm wearing it right now - it's such a beautiful shade.

  4. I am into corals lately, must be the heat I'm experiencing down here :)

  5. i love the shades you pick! i definitely need more coral shades hehe

  6. the nyc lip sliders are discontinued is there another drugstore lip gloss that would give the same effect as the first picture??

  7. L'Oreal jelly balm is the closest match unfortunately it's also discontinued).


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