Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CoverGirl Natural Luxe Mousse Mascara and Intense Shadow Blast

Two new products are introduced by Covergirl this summer...So I guess no lip/cheek products?
Covergirl Intense Shadow Blast - a cream eyeshadow with a built-in primer. I would actually be interested in those (shimmering non-budging wash of shadow for the summer time, count me in!) if the color selection wasn't so boring *Yawns* .
Natural Luxe Mousse Mascara - I think I have read it on a news website that Covergirl Natural Luxe line (they are talking about its foundation specifically) is one of the 10 most deceiving "natural" ranges out there, as in "There is not really that many things natural about it". It doesn't concern me anyway since the packaging is a tad off-putting.

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  1. Hopefully the mousse shadows aren't as bad as their ShadowBlasts


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