Monday, April 04, 2011

Pure Skin Care Black Rice Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Do you really need a separate moisturizer for eyes? Many say no to this question (and I totally get their reasoning) but I personally just love having a small squeegee tube to control the dosage as well as minimize contamination, as most of the moisturizers I use are housed in tubs. 

Pure Skin Care (a skincare brand with a "natural" theme,that's no longer available at CVS) Black Rice Eye Cream is a light weight moisturizer for the eye area.I got a tube last fall as an on-going effort to slow down the growth of fine lines (they aren't super obvious but the speed of their growth scared me a bit)under the inner corners of my eyes.

For around 10 bucks (I paid a lot less though), you get 30ml of product in a user friendly squeegee tube. The Italian-made eye cream has a faint scent and a very light, watery texture that create very little friction when it's being applied and blended and a pea-sized bit is enough to cover the whole eye area. Beside that it feels nice the moment I am using it, I can't say if it does anything at all: It either doesn't do anything or create a bit of an irritation, which at the end made me rub my eyes and the lines more noticeable.

Overall: Fail.I guess I can always use it on my cuticles.

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  1. Good thing I didn't buy this, I was tempted when it was 50% off at CVS


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