Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Mini Bourjois Dose de Nacres Eyeshadow Powder

Bourjois Dose de Nacres Eyeshadow Powder in...if I remember it correctly, 02 (mental note to self: Don't peel off anything until you jut down the shade name) is a tiny pot of shimmery taupe goodness.
Beside the two main components gray and brown...this taupe also has a bit of plum and rust to it.The touch of red gives that lazy(sensual) bedtime eye kind of dimension but also tend to look like a natural bruise when I apply it with a heavy hand.
The texture of the shadow powder is fine, smooth and very easy to blend, a nice gradation is easily achieved with just a finger (you also get less fallout that way).My favorite part about the shadow is the shimmer,instead of being frosty like most shimmery eyeshadow from the western brands, it's fine and give a really nice subtle dimension(just like how Japanese eyeshadow works).
An arm swatch of all of my taupe eyeshadow (I threw in a brown one for comparison)I own, my personal favorite would be the two with the coolest undertone and most interesting shimmer: L'Oreal HIP electrified and the Mini Bourjois.

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