Friday, April 22, 2011

Maybelline The Bright Side Summer 2011 Makeup Nail Limited Edtion

Can I just say "wow" ? (Or squee like a Belieber?)
Just saw the whole display for Maybelline the bright side (that shimmering yellow lip gloss on the right is totally calling my name, and look that that candy coral in the upper right!) 
The eyeshadow palette from The Bright Side looks pretty bold and interesting (I might get it just for the heck of it but you all know I can't do anything technical with my eye makeup). The two shimmery blushes (one in peachy pink another in a cooler pink) both look rather adorable. I have yet to try any Maybelline cheek product so maybe the time has finally arrived. 
More nail polishes (so far I hate the Maybelline Express Finish formula) but I am willing to give the two (on the left) a go...they just look too yummy to pass.


  1. The nails polishes looks so beautiful and bright! But I hate the formula of Maybelline Express Finish too, it's horrible!

  2. I never liked the Maybelline Express Finish formula before, but I bought the blue - "Blue Brilliance" - last night and I was actually impressed. It went on smooth, no bubbles, and dried fast enough. It's definitely worth trying them out, especially since these colors are so great for summer.


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