Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sonia Kashuk Gold Mine, Roped, Bamboo Chic Makeup Brushes

As usual, the seasonal limited edition brushes from Sonia Kashuk are out in Target, this time (as if life isn't complicated enough), they decided to give each set(instead of the whole collection) a single name that has little to do with others.
First, there is this Gold Mine brush set with straw case (pretty cute) and wooden brush handles.
Roped in Kabuki brush and Eyeliner (?) sets that I don't remember the name of. 
Spring Awakenings Eyeshadow Blush lip color palette and Small Treasure brush set with a cute pouch. 
I haven't paid much attention to Sonia Kashuk's makeup line (too expensive for drugstore and rarely goes on sale) but I actually quite like the combo, especially those chocolate-y and taupe eyeshadow and the bright coral red blush (that reminds me a lot of MAC a Bite of an Apple). Well,the color got a bit washed out in the picture.
Napoleon Perdis also has a palette with a similar blush shade (it might be a good thing for people who missed that MAC blush, which by the way is quite pretty, I just need to get on my butt and review it...someday). Now back to Sonia Kashuk.
These Bamboo Chic brushes (that I saw inside fashion magazine like Lucky or Vogue) finally appeared at the store.
There is also a new makeup item released (as a part of the permanent collection): the instructional smokey eye palette, is it just me or most of these shades are pastel?


  1. I always thought the sonia Kashuk brushes look kind of bulky... but the eyeshadow and blush palette thing is quite cute^0^

  2. All brushes are so awesome! I really had a great time reading your blog and I found it more interesting. Like you my one of my addiction is to collect Makeup Brush Set with a lot of colors.


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